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==========[ NEW MEMBERS ]==========

     If you're new to Alpha, please read the clan Rules**, and make an account on this website. We want you to keep updated with current events and happenings in Alpha, so please check the site often. 

** The Rules page is in need of major updates and revisions. Please direct message General Ultimo with regards to the rules expected of Alpha members.

     Name/Gamertag format for Alpha members is generally "{Alpha}Pvt.Name" (Rank and names will obviously differ). Any mild variations are okay, but try to keep it uniform; it just looks nicer. We don't expect you to have this format in use on the website, only in-game. When on the website, we would like to see at least your rank in Alpha.

==========[ VISITORS ]==========

     If you are a visitor to the website, then please feel free to look around, most pages you will be able to view, but most forum topics and the "ALPHA ONLY" page are for members only.

     Those looking to join Alpha, please be patient. Webs' Guestbook app has broke and we are currently exploring other options as to how to proceed with member recruitment. At this time, I'm ordering Recruitment CLOSED until further notice.


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