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Gamma (Ray)
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samuer28: And if you have gm as a friend please insist on him talking to me

Caddeus: I do but is that about you being unbanned?

samuer28: Or drunken i want to fix things before i compleatly leave

samuer28: Thats if i do

samuer28: I dont care about that anymore ive been to hurt by that

samuer28: Mistakes are mistakes and people need to give eachother more slack and forgiveness so they dont badly hurt eachother

Caddeus: I'll put what you said on a forum. Do you want that?

samuer28: Its up to you and if drunken sees i dont know what i did to him but whatever it is im sorry to him and the rest of the clan

samuer28: But i do ask the history to be chaned about me

samuer28: Maybe i can play with you guys again sometime someday

samuer28: By the way gamma im not sure if id live that long anyways ive been having some kind of episodes they are getting worce i lose my sight it comes back and lose strength i twitch my heart rate goes funny my memorys getting wiped

samuer28: And ive been in way to many close calls to crashes or pileups

samuer28: So incase i die ill miss you all i dont regret becoming your friends and also thanks for being great friends of mine

samuer28: If i could id give you guys all a great big warm hug of gladness if i could

This is a chat that me and Sam had. Sam wants you guys to talk to him at some point. He is NOT going to try to beg to join the clan.


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Sam has always been able to play with his friends. He was banned from alpha for being a **** to multiple players, which hurt the reputation of alpha. Of course we can play with him but he's banned for a reason. Not being the bad guy, but he asked for it when he broke the rules. (Over and over)

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Well, given my lack of active presence in-game, and even on Steam/TeamSpeak/etc., I won't be talking with Sam at any point (even if he sends me a PM on the site). 

I apologize, but I'm not going to open up that can of worms anytime soon.


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we need to just kill this case, sam has no place in this group anymore, what he did last time was to much


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