1.     Generation I     ...  The Beginning
  2.    Generation II    ...  Clan Nights, Christmas, Taco Talk
  3.   Generation III   ...  Goodbyes, Hellos, Wars
  4.   Generation IV   ...  School, Allies, Decisions
  5.    Generation V    ...  Diplomacy, Shutdown, Inactivity
  6.   Generation VI   ...  Alliances, Leaders, Activity
  7.  Generation VII  ...  Chaos & Recovery
  8. Generation VIII ...  SWBFSpy & The Fall
  9.   Generation IX  ...  A Long Winter
  10.    Generation X   ...  (Coming Soon)

The following members have earned the respect of Alpha for their support of the clan. They have all progressed beyond the rank of Recruit and have since left or retired from the clan.

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(First 4)

Generation I: The Beginning

July 2011 through September 2011

      Alpha all started about July 21st 2011. It started with Rex wanting to make a clan and me (Kiwi) wanting to join a clan. He decided to make Alpha and I was eager to join my first clan. My good friend Jake (Phantom) also joined at this time and so Alpha started with its first two recruits.

      We were never picky about who got into Alpha and often the people we recruited were never seen again. It was a slow start but me and Jake (Phantom) had a few friends around who were willing to join.The first strong recruits Alpha got were Shadow and Danish. Danish was already a member of [killer] at the time but left it to join Alpha. There were no recruits who stayed around long for the next few weeks.

      Then one week when I (Kiwi) was offline, I found that a lot had happened in my absence. DX leader Scourge had tried  to take over leadership of Alpha from Rex. Both Danish and Shadow made it clear that they would not put up with that and both left in protest. Rex was online even less than usual and by the time I got back online Scourge had pretty much given up. Shadow and Danish were both found and recruited back into Alpha and we also found another member for Alpha, Ice dragon. Ice dragon was on far more than the earlier recruits of Alpha and was a fun member of Alpha. It was about this time when Rex went absent for months (because of a hurricane). This left me (kiwi), Shadow, Danish and Phantom as the new leaders of the clan.

      After some time more strong recruits were joining the ranks of Alpha. Such as Sniper, Koll, Trigger and Bond. Soon we were making our own servers and forming new games. We started to form a growing friendship between another clan, Tcf. Penguin (leader of Tcf) introduced Alpha to the GGCW(Great Galatic Clan War) and soon Kiwi, Shadow and Danish were taking part in it. Penguin also introduced us to the United Alliance, currently the clans in the united alliance were Tcf, GRC, Ucf and now Alpha.   

      One day there was a server which was a 'messing about server' which had 999 reinforcements each side. There were a lot of people there and the host told us about a dedicated server software. Kiwi and shadow went to look it up and downloaded it. This software helped our clan a lot, it helped us make far better servers for our clan which made us a lot more independent clan. We were about to make our own servers and not have to rely on bigger clan's servers as much

      Around this time Dx collapsed when Scourge left.This was a big relief for Alpha because relations between Dx and Alpha had been bad for as long as anyone could remember can remember. Also after Dx collapsed some of the members of it wanted to join Alpha, some of which we allowed to join such as Qmart who is now a great member of Alpha.Alpha was growing in size and soon many people wanted to join and we took in members such as Dignaty,Synergy,Shot and more.

      Not long after the collapse of Dx some of the old members tried to start it up again, this seemed like a bad thing for Alpha but the new leader of Dx said that he would make a far better Dx.

      And then Rex returned to Alpha. The return of Rex made some problems for Alpha. We already had the whole system sorted and he wanted leadership back. He was offered  the position of General but refused it. He has not been heard from since.

      One of the most memorable members of Alpha was the ambitious  9spares. He was always wanting a war and more training. He left Alpha because it was unorderly and had no website.This motivated Kiwi to get the website finished and put more time into it.

      Today (early November 2011) Alpha is a clan for fun, games, loyalty and combat.We have some understanding of mods and use them regularly.We are an ever expanding clan and becoming more skilled everyday. I have high hopes for Alpha in the future.


The end of this generation is marked by the time which this website started being used.

- Kiwi

November 2011

Generation II: Clan Night, Christmas, TacoTalk

October 2011 through March 2012

     This generation was a time of greatness for the clan. There were many new recruits, and Alpha started having events such as clan nights and friendly clan wars. Our first clan night wasn't perfect but was still good fun, many of the people there were from ally clans, this was also the first time Alpha had used a password server since we were now able to communicate using our website.

     Koll left Alpha around this time, he was one of our great majors and it was sad to see him go. General Danish also started becoming less and less active, Qmart also disappeared; he was our only captain at the time. But Alpha soon started recruiting again to make up for the loss of people.

     Our first clan battle was with wusi, Alpha lost, but this only made Alpha increase its training.

     All too soon though, the chaos caught up to us. The united alliance had big arguments mainly between Tcf leader Penguin and Tcf Kevin. Penguin refused to give Kevin the rank of Captain back after he lost it (long story) and Kevin demanded it back. In the end Kevin left Tcf. Kevin later joined  Tgm which had just started and had joined the United Alliance, but tensions between Kevin in Tgm and the rest of the United Alliance remained high.

     But Alpha still had fun events, 2nd clan night was a great success with around 12 members taking part. We also had a fun clan war with 212 and although we were beaten, it was still great fun.

     3rd clan night was also great fun, but was sad at the end as we all said good bye to one of our most loyal members, Sniper our first major (but at least we got to push him into the water of Theed). Many other members also left which thrown the clan into a time of great sadness, Generals phantom and Danish, Major Sniper, Sergeants Deva, Bond, Duck Man, and Privates Doom and Sprex all went inactive within a few weeks of each other.

     For the next few weeks Alpha was starting to become smaller, Shadow was unable to get online as often, a victory on the GGCW helped break through the boredom for a bit, but the thing the clan really lacked were members.

     Appo was half kicked/half left Alpha, after many problems and complaints, he decided to leave Alpha. 

     So in late January, Alpha prepared for mass recruiting, as always, recruiting servers were a pain to manage since lots of random people who didn't even want to be recruited turn up. Nevertheless, Alpha soon had 6 new members, all the new recruits got onto the website and started taking part in the clan. Many Alpha members who had been getting less and less active all started back active as ever. Alpha had 10+ people active and online for a few days in as row. The clan hadn't been this active for months.

     Drake was given permission to make a clan by Kiwi, a clan called Omega. But Drake left Alpha to spend more time with his clan. Appo become the co-leader of the clan and relations turned bad with all of the new recruits which Omega got, however Drake decided to give up the clan and was allowed to rejoin Alpha. Omega was left without a real  leader.

     Alpha then had some more fun wars, all of which were won, 2 with Grc, 1 with Snp. 6th and 7th clan night were good with many members turning up.

     Kiwi was struggling with the leadership of the clan with Phantom, Danish being offline and Shadow being less active. So an election was planned to get new active Generals. The election took a ton of planning but finally the voting polls were set up. All members of Cpt or above rank where about to be voted in as a General. However, around this time, Danish reappeared and wasn't all that happy about the election, so it was decided that all members who got voted out of being a General would become the new rank of Admiral. The Admiral rank was only for past Generals but was considered above the rank of Major.

     The election came to an end, results were revealed at 6th clan night. The new generals were Boom and Honzo, Phamtom and Danish were now Admirals. Kiwi and Shadow were voted to stay Generals so the new leadership team was made up of Honzo, Boom, Kiwi and Shadow. The election was sure to bring even more activeness out of Alpha and times looked good :)

     Alpha was becoming a more serious clan. Alpha planned to keep the clan be a medium sized clan and continue to have good relations with other clans.

The end of this generation is marked by the time of the first election.


- Kiwi

March 2012

Generation III: Goodbyes, Hellos, Wars

March 2012 through July 2012

     Generation 3 started at around the beginning of March. Many people were active around this time and there were several new recruits, among them were UltraNoob, Killnspre, Valiant, Emman, Hawk, and Stereo. Times were good and there was always someone online. All too soon, this came to a slow, sad end. Several people went inactive/left in the next couple months, including three of the Generals, Honzo, Shadow, and Boom. Others who disappeared were Cpt. Ultimo, Sgt. Dre, and Cpt. Houdini. Things were pretty slow for a while. The idea of having battalions sort of slid away, as all of the battalion leaders were M.I.A.

     The GGCW began, but several of the battles were hopelessly unfair due to there being not enough people able to join/ come to the battles. The first battle, for Mon Calamari, was an optimistic success. Participants of that battle were Boom, Val, Sam, and Kiwi vs several FC and WUSI. We were outnumbered but we kicked their shebs anyway! Other battles were for Kamino (vs GRC)--- Victory again; Bespin, Ord Mantell/Haruun Kal, Utapau, and Kashyyyk. Another victory was on Hoth, defeating WUSI on both Hoth caves and Echo base. The battle was won with help from Tcf and Ucf, though Ucf betrayed Alpha halfway through the battle. Known participants of the battle were Kiwi, Jasy, Hawk, and the mysterious Lenny, who no one recruited and no one knew. The most recent battle was on two modmaps, Earth Russia and Egypt. We were sorely outnumbered and there was a lot of confusion over the day and which sides everyone should have. Participants were Jasy, Val, Altair, and Tcf Penguin. We put up a hard fight and made them fight for every step!

     Several more clan nights (numbers 8-11, I believe :D) occurred during these three months. Most of them had awesome turnouts, with many promotions handed out and lots of fun to be had. Near the end of June was Shadow’s infamous “Yay, It’s Summer!!!” party. It had an absolutely fantastic turnout, with the server constantly full (it was a 20 person server!!!). There were people from all clans there, and it was several hours’ long, with plenty of games and fun fights taking place.

     More new recruits joined Alpha around this time, Delta, Gamma, and Altair. We also had several members who had been inactive make reappearances, either to come back fully or explain their inactiveness. Among them was Bond, who showed up at an Alpha server one day to explain to Kiwi why he had been gone for so long. Another was Boom, who posted in the forums his reasons for retiring from the position of Gen. (He eventually returned permanently :D) Other people who posted in the forums and/or showed up ingame were Danish, Sniper, Ultimo, Koll, Will, SpreX, Phantom, and Shadow.

     Around the beginning of June, Gen. Kiwi announced that he would be taking the rank of Admiral. Everyone was incredibly sad about this, as Kiwi was the glue holding the clan together during rough times. He will be greatly missed, and hopefully when his life calms down sometime in the future, he can resume his rank as General. In his goodbye post, he basically ordered Buck and Val to become the new Generals along with Shadow (who had recently become a lot more active). Ironically enough, a few days after Kiwi officially left, General Boom returned. He took the rank of Merc. (Mercenary). Generation 3 ends with the resignation of Kiwi and the return of Boom. Written by Val, completed on July 3rd, 2012.

     In addition to the above paragraphs, here is Jasy’s account of the last couple months, because I think it’s pretty awesome, and because it was too well-written for me to just pick apart, lol.

     “Okay so here is a list of events I can recall at this moment- After the election of Honzo and Boom, Alpha started to grow. Danish was made an admiral We made plans for clan nights where we all started to bond as the clan grew more and more. The new recruits included- Val, Hawk, Tony, Paul, Emman, Killnspre, Gamma, Delta, and Altair. People were promoted, which included, as I remember- Will, ultimo, Hawk, Stereo, Val, and me. While the clan started to grow, people also became inactive or left the clan. Killnspre and Drake left for Wusi. David left the clan. After only a few months as Gen, Honzo decided he needed to change clans for FC. I believe we became allies with FC? [Editor’s note: I think the alliance with Fc was only for the GGCW, but I’m not certain] Shadow became inactive due to school and work, but remained a General. Houdini, Rommel, and Sniper became inactive for some reason and have not been seen or heard from for a while. Boom also became inactive and was soon heard from only to tell the clan he would be leaving Alpha because his life had become very busy. During this time the clan was starting to fall apart. Everything was left to Kiwi and it was a very stressful time. GGCW started back up and we took part in the battles. We won a few, and lost a few. Ultimately it was up to a few people who could take part along with our close allies to defend our planets. During this time I was not really on much, but I would check in every once in a while. By the time I came back we had the new recruits and the clan was still struggling. Shadow came back but Kiwi decided he had had enough of leadership and his grades were suffering, so he made himself an Admiral. The rest is up to you to decide what to put in to the final text. Add some stuff if you remember it. Change stuff if it’s inaccurate. I hope this helps ”

Generation IV: School, Allies, Desicions

Beginning of July 2012 to middle of October 2012

     Generation 4 began in summer of 2012. It was a fairly active time, with many new members and several returning old members. Some of the people recruited were Goldman, Dark, Ross, Tina, Neon, Pincer, Joe, Kyram, Cheesey, Dan, Noobish, and Jp. Some of them, like Joe and Jp, were recruited and never seen again, while others became very active and formed the backbone of the clan.

     On the 19th of August, Alpha participated in a clanwar with their new Allies, LK. Though we were defeated, we had an awesome time and everyone played with good sportsmanship :)

     Sgt Altair has to leave Alpha around this time because of family issues, and we were all very sad to see him go.

     Near the end of August, Tcf requested a funwar with Alpha. It was Kiwi, Val, Shazam, PLAY, and Jasy vs Penguin, Rick, Moya, French Fry, Fives, Zroid, and Recon. We were badly outnumbered, and one of our members, PLAY, behaved VERY poorly. In addition, some Tcf members were unsportsmanlike and not very fair. The results of the battle were an unhappy defeat for Alpha and PLAY being kicked from the clan on account of multiple issues of teamkilling, cussing and a very poor attitude.

     September is a hard time for the clan, as many people become inactive due to school restarting, and several fake Alphas pop up. Recruitment is temporarily banned and PLAY tries to rejoin Alpha. Someone called Roxy pretends to be an Alpha General and has the crap scared out of her at one point when Val and Shadow both join the server she was on at the same time.

     Boom has to leave Alpha because of internet problems, though he returns near the beginning of August to let us all know he's not dead.

     Buck and Danish both leave Alpha, Buck joining FC. SoulreaperX goes inactive for a while. Silverfox leaves but returns soon after :D

     Sam and Neon participated in a funwar vs GGR Roth and Serenity. Though they were defeated, they fought hard and had a good time!

     On October the 6th, a newer recruit, Dan, calls an emergency clan night. Alpha Major Ultimo promotes himself to General with no formal vote or other general's input. He did this because he believed no other generals were active. Val soon came online and had a major WTH moment, momentarily thinking the clan had mutinied.

     After a VERY long Xfire discussion with several participants, among them GM, Ross, Sam, Ultimo, Dan, and Noobish, several important things happened. First, Jasy was officially promoted to General that night. A new ranking system was implemented, adding the ranks Lieutenant, Commander, and Corporal. Sgt Ross left Alpha to fully manage the {UCF} clan before they merged with DarkSith. Ultimo took the rank Adm, and soon after left, but then he came back again...? Still not sure about that bit, and since he's not very happy with me right now, I don't feel like interrogating him for information xD. Goldman, Silverfox, and Hawk are all promoted one rank.

     The same night as the impromptu clan night, a friend of Hawk called AmberFire approached Alpha with a preposition. His offer was that Alpha merge with his clan, ARC. ARC was a multi-game clan on several other games, including Republic Commando, Jedi Knight, Battlefront 2, and The Old Republic. Alpha would join ARC as its Battlefront 1 division. So far, the clan is undecided, though several members support the idea and many are undecided.

     Kiwi and Shadow have been inactive for a couple weeks as of now, and it is unknown when they are coming back.

     The Random discussion topic has reached 33 pages, and a new page about muffins has five pages as of the moment of writing.

- Valiant & GoldMan

Generation V: Diplomacy, Shutdown, Inactivity

October 2012 to February 2013

     Generation 5 began in Early October. It was a very significant Generation and tested Alpha's ability to react to a large change in environment with a limited, and increasingly dwindling leadership.

     At the start of generation 5 Honzo and Kiwi returned, both at the rank of Admiral. Honzo returned after he left FC and Kiwi returned after being on holiday. After their return,Val set up a poll to decide if Alpha clan would merge with ARC as its Star Wars Battlefront 1 division. While waiting for the results of the poll, Delta1 was recruited into Alpha. Also Alpha started having weekly clan nights on Saturday instead of having a clan night every 2-3 weeks. On October 18th the poll results were announced, 4 votes for wanting to Merge with Arc, 14 votes against Merging with Arc and three votes who didn't mind either way. Alpha was not to merge with Arc.  

     Not long after refusing the merge Alpha decided to expand and a SWBF2 division was formed which was lead by GM. GM built a website for the division; however expansion was halted due to lack of leadership within the division.

     Clan Night 15 is great success, partly due to recent recruiting of Gurgi and Kags. Alpha was at peak activity with several members on everyday. This all changed on 7th November when the Gamespy master server for swbf1 was shutdown. Thanks to [expunged], a solution was found which enabled players to play by downloading tunngle. However, many members of Alpha were unwilling or unable to download tunngle. Alpha activity on swbf1 was reduced to 4 people, while the number of people active on the website became less than half of what is had been before the server shutdown. Also, the amount of recruitable players on swbf1 became virtually non-existent. Alpha was then forced to move all players to swbf2, along with all clan events. Clan Night 16 on swbf2 had less than half the number of participants than the previous clan night on swbf1. Around this time most of the higher ranked Alpha members were inactive, which allowed for quicker promotions of other members.

     Clan night 17 and 18 were on both swbf2 and then later on swbf1, however numbers were much lower than normal. The clan nights were partly successful. 

     General Boom retired from Alpha after months of being half-active, leaving a limited number of active generals. Also Ultimo decided to leave the Alpha website. However Shadow returned for a time and Alpha decides officially to move to swbf2. Some Alpha members slowly began to move over to swbf2, however, clan night was pretty much the only time many members would be on at the same time.

     By the time of the new year, several significant members became inactive in Alpha, including Ray, Kyram, Neon, Val, and Shadow, some of whom became inactive again after returning for only a short time. Alpha started Recruiting servers every Saturday in order to get more active people. 


- Kiwi

Generation VI: Alliances, Leaders, Activity

February 2013 to July 2013

      Members active this Generation: Goldman, Kiwi, Kyram, Dan, Hawk, Sam, Magic, Kevin, Shadow, Pincer, Gamma.

      Generation 6 was a very important time in Alpha History. After the Gamespy Shutdown, and a drastic increase of inactivity, this period of time showed how much Alpha’s band of brothers would fight to keep it alive. This generation proved Alpha’s fighting spirit and its ability to overcome situations.

      After Generation 5 ended, Alpha was becoming greatly inactive due to no recruiting and member loss. However, the members that stayed were helpful during this time. Due to their devotion to the clan and time well served Goldman and Hawk were both promoted to General in early March. However, after a few weeks Dark, Ultimo, and Delta returned to Alpha, which improved everyone’s hopes for Alpha’s future. Soon thereafter, Neon sadly left Alpha with the rank of Corporal, for 212. However this change had good influence on our neighboring clans. Alpha ended up allying with 212 and had a funwar on Tunngle and GameRanger as a celebration of the occasion. The funwar ended with a Alpha and 212 tie on Tunngle and a 212 victory on GameRanger. Clan members Dan and Kyram were promoted, Dan to Captain and Kyram to Sergeant.

      With our SWBF2 section falling behind, some members planned Alpha’s biggest SWBF2 Clan Night, which had a total of 6 members, a groundbreaking record for Alpha clan. This event led to more Alphas trying to get on SWBF2 as an alternative due to the Gamespy disaster. Other Clans took notice of Alpha on SWBF2, one being Sith Empire. Their leader, Syniclus, made an offer for an alliance between our clans. Some members wanted to directly help with this act, and they became involved. After about a month of political work and negotiations, Alpha and Sith Empire allied. There also was an attempted funwar with clan SR on SWBF2, but due to lack of proper communication, it didn’t happen.

      One member, Dan, decided that we had few battalions and that it might help Alpha to create more. He created the Combat Forces Battalion, which was focused on both Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. A few weeks after Dark returned to Alpha, he also started up a battalion, this one being called Tri-Forces Battalion which focused on air combat. Several members started recruiting on the hope of regaining activity. During this period member Ecko and Hero were recruited. Hero joined Alpha, but sadly soon left. Ecko joined and was active for a couple of weeks but because of lack of communication, he soon went inactive in Alpha. Sam also went inactive for several weeks. But not all of this period was dark. CF Battalion had its first successful meet on Star Wars Battlefront 1 with Hawk, Goldman, and Kyram showing up. General Buck also returned, and has posted a few times on the forums since.

      After a devastating amount of inactivity in Alpha, and only 6 members active at the moment, some Alpha members decided that the way to become a larger clan was through fun and games, like Alpha was based on. Some ideas the members came up with were Clan Tournaments as fun little competitions, for us to communicate amongst each other more often, have more member oriented Game Nights and celebrations, and make attending Clan Nights a must. After these ideas were discussed, Kyram was promoted to Captain and Dan was promoted to Lieutenant.

      A solution to not being able to play on Internet anymore arose. It was called the SWBF1 Openspy Patch. Although it helped people play for a while, it soon sadly shut down. Dan and Kiwi both started to recruit on SWBF2, and our first recruit from their sessions has been Magic, who was taken into Alpha as a Corporal. Ultimo, unfortunately also retired from Alpha Clan. Happily, Sam returned to Alpha. A clan named FA, Federations Alliance, led by Majesty offered an alliance between Alpha and FA. This alliance was accepted and Alpha and FA became allies.

      Then came Alpha’s party for its 2nd birthday. Many people attended including Kiwi, Sam, Gold Man, Dan, MaGic, and Kyram. Some non Alpha clan members came also, including Hond and Super from the Sniperclan, and Sizzors and Majesty from {FA} clan. The meet was mainly on xfire, but a couple of people got on SWBF1 and SWBF2 and had some fun. Then, it happened, and I believe GM quoted it best:

      “The day after the party, something happened, so big, that it would change the shape and future forever. General Kiwi announced his full and official retirement from Alpha forever. He officially retired July 21st, 2013. This sudden event hit the clan very hard. Currently the only still active General is Gold Man, who is due to retire in September.”

      With Gold Man soon to retire for the school year, and the clan still low on activity, this upcoming Generation will test Alpha Clan’s limits, with even more inacitivity, and more members soon to come.

- Kyram & GoldMan

Generation VII: Chaos & Recovery

July 2013 to March 2015

      Active Members this generation included: Kiwi, GoldMan, Kyram, Hawk, Sam, Koll, Will, Ray, Ross, Kelle, Drunken Master.

      Generation 7 was a troublesome time in Alpha history. Gamespy server problems have been countered, by {PLA}Led's update for the servers. Clan inactivity continued to fall to pieces, however Alpha gained more members.

      After Generation 6, activity continued to drop further with the loss of Shadow once more, Jasy leaves the clan after inactivity, Kyram announces that he can no longer be active on swbf, Dark resigns from the clan and later disappears, Dan and MaGic both go inactive. Alpha had reached it's peak of losses when they were rejoined by multiple returning members.Things began to look up when Kiwi returned to the clan.  Generals Hawk, and Koll returned after a while of inactivity. Ross also returned to the site forums as a retired member of {DarkSith}.

      Later that fall, Kiwi and GoldMan were the only Generals active with 5 other member active on site and 2 in-game. The clan seemed to be less of an active site and more of an abandoned one. Sam and Kiwi continued to play battlefront with the clan {BoB} and {PFA}. Later it was discovered that Sam was multi-clanning in {BoB}. This is not allowed based off of Alpha's policies in the Rules page. However, the matter was not handled until a later date. Later, Ross had returned with the new server update provided by Led. Ross rejoined Alpha and took the rank of Lieutenant. Later, Captain Will returned to the clan and was active in-game. General Hawk returned to the site as well. Alpha seemed to be returning to it's former self.

      During the winter, The clan continued to gain a member named Drunken Master. Alliances in the clan began to die down. As far as intel provides, The Sith Empire, TcF, PFA, and BoB are active allies. Clans by the names of 212 and UCF have been inactive. In December, the 10 years of gaming event took place on servers from the 25th to the 29th.

      Later, Sam was convicted of breaking multiple Alpha Clan rules and was removed from the clan ranks. Later, Ultimo retired from SWBF completely and said his goodbye in the forums.

      And with a heavy heart, General GoldMan27, a valuable member and friend, resigned from the ranks of Alpha to explore the opportunites of what PC gaming had to offer. Thank You GM for all of the work you've put in.

      This Generation spread a wave of confusion and chaos through the clan, but we were able to counter it.


- Unknown

Generation VIII: SWBFSpy & The Fall

March 2015 to September 2017

     Generation VIII saw little to no improvement for the activity of the Alpha Clan. In May 2016, Battlefront community leader Anyder took over support for SWBF's post-Gamespy online servers, and rebranded them as SWBFSpy. Although there was an initial interest by the player base to once again play Battlefront, player counts eventually begin to dwindle again, and so did activity within Alpha. It appears the only truly active members during this generation were Kiwi, Drunken, Norwood, Kelle, and Buck. However, with Kiwi would present on/off activity, and having retired from being a General long ago, the leadership of Alpha largely fell on Captain Drunken.


    Drunken, although doing his best to maintain Alpha, can only do so much alone. Alpha's activity continued to decline, largely in part due to the declining player base of SWBF1. With little for Alpha's remaining members to look forward to, Alpha continued to fall.



    I have written this Generation to the best of my ability, having done searches through ours and SWBFGamer's forum archives. I cannot speak to exactly what happened in this generation, but seeing how it remained unwritten for 5 years, I have determined it appropriate to try and provide some form of information to fill the blanks.

- Ultimo

June 4th, 2020

Generation IX: A Long Winter

September 2017 to June 2020

        Generation IX begins with the return of Ultimo to Alpha. The clan is virtually inactive, and on the road to inevitable death. Ultimo immediately began work on trying to breathe life back into the clan. A few mass emails were sent to official and retired members, asking for their participation in a new growth within Alpha. The website got necessary updates, and a new Discord server was created for the clan.

        Unfortunately, Ultimo's attempts to revitalize Alpha failed, and the clan continued to fall into inactivity and uncertainty. Ultimo once again departed, embarrassed and defeated.

        Alpha would remain in a largely dormant state for the greater part of 2018 and 2019. Only a couple of members, Drunken and Norwood, held onto any activity during this time. Life was uncertain for the future of the clan, and the Battlefront community at large, as player numbers continued to dwindle.




      Then, when we all least expected it, VALVE stepped in. In the early months of 2020, Steam released new Online Multiplayer Server support for SWBF1. This move has already begun to change the landscape of the Battlefront community, and bring in many new players and new modders with the changes. It was at these times that Ultimo saw new hope in the resurrection of Alpha, and returned once more to begin a new era for Alpha.

- Ultimo

June 4th, 2020

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